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British-born upcoming female Dj, singer and songwriter Ria D has Mediterranean roots. She has loved music from an early age and never given up her passion for it. Having been in the music industry for some twenty years Ria D started off her journey successfully djing across the UK, with some of her previous music featuring on well-known labels including Ministry of Sound, Helter Skelter, Cheeky Tracks and Ideal.  


After being behind the decks for over 10 years spinning a variety of dance music, Ria D’s hidden talent came to light. Her ability to create genuine melodies and lyrics with her beautiful voice has seen her push the boundaries of music. She isn’t afraid to spice up the sounds and dares to be different. Inspired by the 90’s classic dance music era Ria D has created something special and catchy for all and brings incredibly fun and energising music to the table.


Ria D’s talent doesn’t stop there though. She is a published model and actress. As well as her interest in music Ria D has appeared in feature films, dramas and short films.

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